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Health Club International Company

Welcome to the Health Club!

We invite you to take a virtual tour of the territory of the club, where you will be presented with the services offered by our club, that will inspire you for a truly fascinating journey from the digital world to the real one, filled with the fragrance of flight and dreams.

You can choose your preferred type of active recreation: become a member of the international equestrian tourist group, get a boost of health and energy in a hippotherapy session, take some riding lessons, participate in group or individual riding tours. You can make any special occasion unforgettable, be it a birthday party or a wedding, including a wedding ceremony on horseback, a photo shoot with horses, enjoy our café and a swimming pool.

It is so great to go hiking in the valleys and mountains of Kyrgyzstan, unique in its scenic beauty. It is also good fun to try and conquer the mountains, negotiating hard-to reach terrain, crossing the turbulent rivers. Why not take a trip on horseback?

The horse is able to go with you through the impenetrable thickets, get you to the far-away mountains where the eagles nestle; it may become a good friend to you throughout the entire journey. Everything around looks more interesting to a rider, that is why horse riding is gaining popularity year-on-year, as riding can provide great benefits to physical and spiritual health; expand knowledge, contribute to deep appreciation of natural beauties which made Kyrgyzstan famous.

The Health Club is located in the picturesque Ortosay village near Bishkek at the foot of a mountain slope. Imagine juniper shrubs, surrounded by alpine meadows with all the richness of  grasses, emerald green valleys, fast, fiercely-roaring crystal clear rivers abundant with trout, and towering above all this - snow-capped mountain ridges, pink at sunrise and sunset and bright blue endless sky. Our riding routes will take you to these very places in Kyrgyzstan.

Whether you are an experienced rider, you will be impressed wth impeccable training of our horses; for a newcomer we are ready to  provide all necessary assistance and training, to make it easy for you to discover another facet of the amazing landscape of Kyrgyzstan.

Can you hear that? – These are the sounds of hooves of your companion. He is waiting for you!

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Horseback Riding Tours in Kyrgyzstan
Horse ride - Orto-Sai
A ride for beginners within the Health Club equestrian centre; horse riding training sessions provided
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Horse riding tour - Issyk-Kul Lake
Bishkek - Cholpon-Ata - Grigoriev and Semenov gorges - Karakol - Jeti-Oguz - Bokonbaevo - Bishkek
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Horse riding tour - Son-Kul Lake
Bishkek - Kochkor - Son-Kul - Terskey Torpok Pass - Bishkek
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Our services

Hippotherapy (from the Greek hippo - horse) -  the treatment with the help of a horse, where a patient is attended by a professional hippo therapist or an instructor specially trained in therapeutic horse riding.

This method is effective in varying degrees as a supplementary treatment  for people with disorders of the muscular skeletal system and a number of cognitive development disorders.

This type of physical therapy provides a significant positive effect for people of all ages.


Hippotherapy recreation center
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Побывал в данном центре. Поражает приветливость и компетентность персонала. Все было на все 100 процентов. Лошади очень послушные, благодаря инструктору получилось обрести основные навыки управления лощадьми.
Ооооооооо, круто!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Orto-Sai village, 147 A Imanalieva St.
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