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Orto-Sai village, 147 A Imanalieva St.
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All the employees and friends of the Heath Club LLC are aware that horses are unique animals capable of healing both body and soul. Having experienced it ourselves, we decided to share with you this healing gift given to us by nature.

We have selected the best horses, chose a place filled with fresh air, abundant vegetation, where a horse rider passing through mountainous terrain can fill peace and quietness, while enjoying a beautiful view of the entire Bishkek. We offer tours throughout Kyrgyzstan to domestic and foreign tourists.

We have seen more and more people getting interested in horse riding; they want to feel confident on horseback, so we decided to open a school of professional riding for adults and children. We have also organized wedding ceremonies on horseback for those who sincerely believe that a horse brings luck, symbolizing future happiness and well-being.

Our guests, after a ride in the fresh air, will definitely want to enjoy a healthy meal in the café, where one can not only try delicious national and European cuisine, but also hold a celebration event, including New Year's banquets with musical programs and access to the open area.

We also offer a unique service, new in Kyrgyzstan - hippotherapy, ie treatment with the help of a horse.

Nice and cool environment, a vivid greenery of trees and shrubs, soothing music will relax and inspire everyone who visits our Recreation Centre, whilst a ride in the mountains and valleys surrounding our cosy club will fill you with inexhaustible energy. Those who are reluctant to get on a horseback, can enjoy themselves outdoors, walking through the evergreen alleys or swimming in the pool. If you however prefer to spend some quiet quality time with your friends or family, you can always find a cosy nook under the willows among the roses, near the fountain. If the sky becomes cloudy, you can warm up indoors by the fireplace.

The company provides additional services: rent of stalls, photo sessions with horses and a pool.

If you want to find yourself in paradise without leaving Bishkek, do come to one of the most amazing places in the city - Heath Club in Orto-Sai.

Please bring your children! Children are always welcome at the Health Club.

Sincerely, Health Club team.

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Orto-Sai village, 147 A Imanalieva St.
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