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One of the leading members of our team, since he is the horse-doctor in our hippotherapy classes. It combines many of the qualities needed for a horse used in hippotherapy: good nature, careful in motion, friendliness.


Black Trotter of Novokyrgyzskaya (New Kyrgyz) breed. The venerable member of our club.  It is used for riding by girls and children only.  It is also used in hippotherapy.


A Pacer, irresistible for everyone who has ridden it.  Easy and simple to control. Suitable for the very little riders and for the first-timers. Shyness and obedience of this horse makes it a very pleasant companion


The biggest and the strongest horse.  Crossbreed with a Draft.  He has strong muscular neck, large hooves, broad and soft back. This horse is distinctive by its easy and kind nature, he is a very hard-working individual. He loves his food very much and always begs for treats.


Incomprehensible cross breed, which resulted in quire an unusual exterior.  However, this animal is good both as a coacher and a saddler.  It is used for children's rides.


English Half-Breed. Trained athletic horse with show jumping skills.  It is used in riding lessons.


Very spirited pacer. For those who prefer speed and adrenaline.  This tireless animal jump-starts with a single tap. Only for experienced riders.


A cool pacer.  For hard core riders.


Long-legged Pacer with a special swinging gaitAn interesting, and at times, unpredictable saddler.  Great for confident riders


Young stallion; an interesting specimen, cross breed between New Kyrgyz and Akhal-Teke breed.  High-spirited, but obedient, this horse has a soft "dancing" trot.  Not yet used for guest riding.


Young mare (born in 2015) Akhal-Teke breed. For sale

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