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Orto-Sai village, 147 A Imanalieva St.

If you want to enjoy an unforgettable romantic evening or share good fun with your family and friends - head on to  the Health Club café, which is located near the stables!


Summer outdoor area

You can escape from the bustle of the city, is a cosy place picturesquely situated among the willows and thick green fir trees. On a hot summer day you will find the very cool and quiet place you've been dreaming about. Refreshing fountain and a rose garden will  boost your energy and  spirituality. You can lie down on a broad coach and listen to nightingales's songs, looking into the endless blue sky or sit at a table, sipping fragrant mountain herbal tea. Any holiday or celebration, held in such an unique place, will fill you and your guests with joy and sweet memories!

Winter hall

A cosy comfortable hall with a crackling fireplace and pleasant music will warm both your body and soul. Natural wood as the main feature of the interior makes the hall especially warm and welcoming; a huge wooden horseshoe brings happiness and good luck to everyone who comes here. The walls are decorated with amusing images of horses.

This is the best place for foreign visitors from to enjoy the local cuisine, with dishes cooked on the open fire with a pleasant hint of smoke.

Beauty and comfort, unique style, delicious cuisine and romantic setting - these are the trademark features of our cafe. In short, seeing is believing, better still is to come and try it here.   

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Orto-Sai village, 147 A Imanalieva St.
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