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International equestrian tourism

Equestrian tourism - a type of outdoor activity and sports tourism with the use of animals (horses, ponies, donkeys, camels, dogs, deer, elephants, etc.) either as riding animals or in harness as a means of transportation. Equestrian tourism comprises a number of disciplines: equestrian field trips (riding tours), travelling on horseback, long-distance tours, coach trips, shepherds competitions etc.

Horse rides duration may be from one hour to several days. Horse rides from one hour to one day with return to the stables are called equestrian field trips. The riding tours from four days are called horse tours.

Horseback tours can be carried out with escorts, when the luggage and food are being carried separately from the main group.

An equestrian tour that meets the rules and requirements for the sports rides and duly registered by the Qualification Committee is called sports tour.

Horse field trips (horseback trips into forest and / or fields), most often on horseback, travelling outside the stables from 1 hour to 4 days. There are also available one-day trips with a return to the stables.

Horseback tours can be as follows: horse-riding trips, horse-riding trips with escorts and coach tours.

Horse-riding tour - type of trips when the equipment and provisions for the travellers and horses are transported in packs or saddle bags, while the total number of horses equal to the number of participants.

Horse-riding tour with escorting - a trip when the travellers ride along the route, whilst the equipment, and provisions are transported separately using additional draft horses, or/and motor vehicles.

Coach tours - a trip when the tourists, equipment and provisions are in the cart, carriage, coach, etc. without the use of riding horses.

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