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Horse riding training

Riding school of Alexander Mursalimov, an Honoured Trainer of the Kyrgyz Republic, who dedicated more than 20 years of his life to equestrian sport, is a part of Health Club LLC, located in the foothills at the south of Bishkek.The school has an open training rink, adapted for initial riding training for children and adults using horses specifically trained for this purpose. One advantage of the Health Club is its location close to Bishkek, which provides for convenient access by both private and public transport.

The trainers will help you understand and master the principles of communication with the horse and learn to care for animals, to properly saddle the horse, keep the correct posture in the saddle, control the horse and ride using the different gaits: from walk and trot to gallop You will gain skills like riding on the plains and in the mountains, group riding tours along the specially selected routes with friends and colleagues.

The basic principle of our activities is the correct handling of the horse, an individual approach and the safety of our customers. For the beginners we use only calm, totally trustworthy horses. 

Our outdoor training rink is situated at the foot of the mountains; this location makes the Health Club an environmentally attractive site.

The training sessions are held individually for each student.

Remember! Horse riding is a fascinating process! Practically all muscle groups of  your body are involved, making it trimmer, slimmer and stronger, and also your immune system becomes stronger and your mood greatly improves!

Riding rink

Horse riding is a beautiful and noble sport requiring sufficient space for horse riding and training.

Our training arena is located at the foot of a hill, offering a panoramic view of Bishkek. The rink is 80 meters long and 35 meters wide, which makes it possible not only to use a walking gait, but also to accelerate into a gallop. Whilst riding you have a chance to enjoy fresh air and beautiful views of the surrounding hills and meadows.

There is always an instructor with you on the rink who will answer any question you have, help you to mount your horse and get off it.

For the convenience of the riders, an egress from the rink to the open field is also arranged. Once you feel confident at the rink, you can go for a ride in the fields and hills, admiring the panorama of the city and surrounding areas. 

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Orto-Sai village, 147 A Imanalieva St.
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