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Horse rides

Tired of the daily routine and city bustle?  Take horse riding for your peace of mind! Good natured, kind horses will share their energy and warmth with you, whereas the beauty of nature will fill the soul with positive emotions.

People's interest in horse riding keeps growing every year. This happens because, when you get on a horse, your perception of the world becomes deeper, more sensitive. Horse riding enhances one's good mood, while quiet trotting of the hooves calms and soothes. You feel underneath a warm, big and strong animal who patiently and faithfully carries you into the world of nature that you can now see from inside.

Horse riding is a very pleasant kind of activity that has numerous heath benefits.You can enjoy fresh air and relax in harmony with nature, as our riding routes run on environmentally clean, picturesque hillsides and plains. In addition, when riding, practically all muscles are actively working, thus a horse is as good as any fitness machine. Can you possibly compare a stuffy gym to a horse ride in the fresh air?Never! Without doubt, you will feel much better after a ride:more energetic, stronger, more positive than ever before.

Horse riding is truly inspiring -everyone who ever tried it, will say that.  If you are a beginner, an experienced instructor will select a suitable horse for you and will accompany and monitor you throughout the entire trip.

The Health Club is a unique place for horse riding, where the permanent members have a riding rink for training, trips in the meadows, as well as various mountain rides. One of these sightseeing tours takes you to the place where the largest flag in the Kyrgyz Republic is installed.

Riding tours are being arranged in groups of 3 to 10 people escorted by experience horse trainers.

Do you want to feel real freedom? Then riding is for you. It is so easy just come here, to the Heath Club!

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